assignment Products

Options Name Desciption Manufacturer Supplier Category Price Quantity Status EAN
edit SM57 World famous dynamic instrument mic. Unique flat mesh design and higher capsule SPL Shure Shure International Live Sound €125 18 Active 74607012020
edit American Player Stratocaster Cherryburst Swamp Ash body, comes with softcase, three pickups with a five way blade switch Fender Fender international Guitars €699 4 Active 110216012020
edit DW Performance Series Shell Pack Candy Apple .Made from 10 ply North American Maple and with what DW describe as the "newest grain orientation technology" performance Series maple drums are lacquered inside for enhanced brightness and attack and finished in natural hand-sprayed lacquer to show off the natural beauty of the wood, comes with 12, 14, 20 inch shells DW Gewa Drums €1936 2 Active 105918012020
edit Shure SM58 World famous dynamic Microphone, designed for recording vocalists and instruments Shure Shure International Live Sound €125 10 Active 20128012020
edit American Player Stratocaster Sonic blue Iconic Fender strat made in mexico, featuring 3 single coil pickups with a 5 way selector Fender Fender international Guitars €699 5 Active 20318012020
edit Gibson Les Paul Standard Cheryburst Solid mahogany body with a maple top. Comes with burstbucker pickups and a snakeskin hardcase Gibson Gibson International Guitars €4000 3 Active 82230012020